Let me introduce myself, My name is Sheena and I am the Founder of Nourrir. If you read Our Story then you will know that Nourrir was established after a special moment in my life, which was after I gave birth to my son Jayden. It was a surreal moment in my life that I will never forget. The memory is so precious and valuable that I remember it like it was yesterday, down to every details.

I chose the name Nourrir due to it’s deep meaning and my love for France. Nourrir means ‘Nurture’ it defines everything a mother is to her child. She feeds, loves, cares, protects, and devotes every part of herself to her child. No one will ever know the strength of a mothers love apart from her child because they know exactly what her heart sounds like from the inside. The bond between a mother and her baby is so precious and it only gets stronger; especially when you set your eyes on them for the first time. It’s so amazing to also know that once your child is placed in your arms you know exactly what to do and you know what’s best for you both.

As a mother I can relate to our readers who are either expecting, have had a baby or buying a baby shower gift for a special friend or newborn! At Nourrir we not only provide products but regular blogs to educate, support and encourage mothers every step of the way. All our blogs are interactive so we would love to hear from our readers including fathers, aunties, uncles and anyone else who shares an interest in precious little souls and strong courageous Mamma’s.

Lots of Love from us to you!

From Nourrir x

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