Packing for your Newborn.

Packing for your Newborn.

This was the bit I absolutely loved but I was spoilt for choice! I had so many cute outfits that that I wanted Jayden to wear home. But somehow I managed to gain some self control and found the perfect outfit that just made sense m. It was a pure cotton white Baby grow with a barcode on the front; underneath was written ‘One of a Kind Born in 2018’ (size 0-3months). He wore this with a Khaki green knitted cardigan and a white top knot hat (all from Next). He looked soooo adorable even though his baby grow was just a little big for him it was perfect.

Here are the items I packed for my little munchkin:

1. Baby-grows – I brought 2 sizes as I didn’t know what size would fit him perfectly so I brought size New Born which was actually too small so he never wore them; & size 0-3 months. In total I packed 3 and I’m glad I brought the 3rd because my son did a big meconium poop all over his going home outfit! Ahhh what joy…

2. Mittens – you will need these to cover baby’s hands to prevent them from scratching their little cute faces and keep them warm. My sons Bodysuits all had integrated mittens which i think is absolutely genius!

3. Bodysuit – I brought 2 both sized 0-3months

4. Hat – It’s a fave that heat escapes from the top of baby’s heads so it’s important to put a hat on them especially when your out and about.

5. Blanket – This is a very important piece as you need to keep baby warm, they are yet to adapt to the change in temperature.

6. Nappies – I brought a handful of size 1 Pampers.

7. Wipes – it’s important to use newborn-friendly wipes as most contain fragrances and chemicals that can be harsh on baby’s sensitive skin. I brought a pack of Water Wipes which I would highly recommend and also some cotton wool which I ended up using with warm water which for my own peace of mind. Plus I didn’t want to traumatise my little munch king with cold wet wipes. However, after 2 weeks I started using Water Wipes which I love.

8. Muslin clothes – I brought this just in case baby had any throw ups after feeding. Depending on the size it pairs up as a good shield if you want to cover up when visitors come to see you.

Packing for a Newborn I believe was definitely easier and I truly enjoyed it as it connected me more to my unborn child. It left me wondering what he would look like and me imagining him in his little outfit. Please feel free to tell us what you packed and why your little ones first outfit was we would love to hear from you!

  • Tiana
    Posted at 06:10h, 05 July Reply

    Thank you this is really helpful! I’m expecting my lil one in less than 4 months time and I was going crazy about to pack. I think I overpacked to be honest. But your list makes sense! lol Thanks once again.

    • technosites
      Posted at 06:19h, 05 July Reply

      Aww thank you Tiana! We are glad that this post was useful to you. A big Congratulations in advance in your new bundle of joy x

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