About Us

Nourrir is an online shop dedicated to mothers and babies; providing products that are useful, innovative and essential. Each product has been given the Nourrir’s stamp of approval and trusted reviews; from myself and a selected number of mums. Some of the products selected have also received awards and accolades for its great craftsmanship, practicality and quality which makes it a perfect choice. This should make your shopping experience on our site stress free, so say bye bye to hours of research! Which means more time to love and nurture your little bubba who deserves all your attention.

Our Story

Nourrir was birthed out of a great love for my firstborn Jayden who means the world to me. I found that when I was pregnant I was drawn to all things baby related. I was more than content spending time on the internet and watching YouTube videos to find out more about products that would be useful for my son’s wellbeing and also make life easier for me. And of course I would also come across adorable items which I just couldn’t resist! Nourrir is here to share them all!

From one parent to another, I say you are doing great! It’s not an easy journey but it is well worth it. Nourrir exists because we really do care and want to make your journey as smooth as possible.