Hola Musical Fun House



This muctifunctional toy is full of surpises with so much to learn and play with. Develop Your little ones senses and recognition. Some of the exciting features includes:

– Match animals shapes to its corresponding hole, in effect the animal sound will play.

– The side entrance of the house doubes as storage for the blocks and guessing game by feeling the blocks before bringing them out.

– Has mathematical blocks ideal for teaching basic maths.

– Has shape matching blocks

– Has a key which which opens the front door to reveal blocks inside.

– Chimney light flashes when music is played.

– Has colourful rotating bead spinners

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  • Plastic
  • Suitable for ages 18 months +
  • Electronic – Battery operated
  • 11 blocks, 22 musical sounds 6 being animal sounds. 8 songs.
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