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Pregnancy tea & Breastfeeding tea range for new Mothers & Motherhood. Whole leaf herbal tea blends in biodegradable tea pyramids designed to support women in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding & motherhood. The perfect gift that expectant Mums & all Mums want to receive.

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Morning Rescue: Our tummy-soothing, caffeine-free blend ofLemongrass, verbena, ginger root, mint is perfect for the newly pregnant woman. Morning sickness is really rough & feels never ending. It’s nice to have a cup of tea to help.

Glow: Get a caffeine free, spring in your step with our fruit infusion. Tropical fruit, grapes, hibiscus, rosehip make for an anti-oxidant rich cup of tea. Ideal for pregnant women of all stages, and for every woman who wants an energy boost.

Final Push: Prepare for birth from 32 weeks on with our Raspberry leaf, Peppermint herbal infusion. Raspberry leaves help prepare the body for birth. Perfect for pregnant women in their third trimester. Ideal baby shower gift.

Night Owl: Our calming, blend to aid sleep. A beautiful well-balanced blend of Camomile, rooibos, limeflowers, valerian, lavender. Perfect gift for women in all stages of pregnancy, experiencing pregnancy insomnia and night wakings.

Milks Up: Breastfeeding tea of Fenugreek, Fennel, Nettle herbs to support mothers milk production. Caffeine-free herbal infusion to naturally support the nursing mum.

Newborn Wonder: You may be on an emotional roller coaster of hormones once your tiny baby arrives.  Let our blend of White Tea and delicate Rose Buds soothe your soul and relax you into the wonders of motherhood with just the right level of caffeine and antioxidants. It’s the perfect baby shower and newborn baby gift.

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Blue – Milk’s Up, Green – Newborn Wonders, Orange – Get Up & Glow, Pink – Final Push, Purple – Night Owl, Yellow – Morning Rescue

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