Magnetic child lock



When baby reaches that crawling, standing and walking stage we all know as parents Baby Proofing is a must!


Our child proof cabinet/door latches are the anwser to keeping curious hands away from dangerous substance or equipment which can cause great harm. This unique easy to use magnet key is an inovative piece that requires no time or hassle to install, no drill or tools required.


Directions: Clean and dry surface before use . Once installed simply move the magnetic key towards the lock to open it. When you close the draw it locks automatically.




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  • Set of 5
  • Plastic
  • Size of Lock – 35 x 15 x 40 mm  / Size of Key 35 x 22 mm
  • Adhesive tape used to secure product in place
  • Doors / cabinets thicker than 1.5″ or with metal is not recommended with this magnetic lock
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