Have you ever wished you could warm baby’s milk faster? Use the microwave without the risk of overheating, burning baby and damaging nutrients? Now this is possible!

Milkymeter has 5 evenly distributed temperature sensors that measure temperature development in different places in the bottle to calculate the average temperature. This ensures a correct temperature measurement regardless of bottle size and filling level. Milkymeter is solely driven by microwave harvested energy and does not require any batteries – it simply switches on automatically when you start the microwave.

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How to use Milkymeter:

Step 1
Place Milkymeter in the baby bottle with milk/liquid

Step 2
Place the bottle with the Milkymeter in the microwave and start warming. Keep an eye on the flashing LED on the Milkymeter, indicating the temperature level in real-time:

Blue light: Milk is being warmed – too cold to serve

Green light: Milk has reached the ideal temperature – Stop the microwave!

Red light: Milk is too hot – Cool down before serving

Step 3
When the flashing light turns green, stop the microwave and take the bottle out. Stir the milk with the Milkymeter to ensure an even temperature. Check the temperature.

Step 4
Turn a hungry baby into a happy baby.

. Weight 80 g
. Dimensions 15 × 2 × 1.2 cm
. For microwave use only
. Made of sturdy PESU foodsafe plastic
. BPA free
. May be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher
Can be sterilised (NOT suitable for
sterilisation in microwave)

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