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The Onni Twinkle Smart Baby Monitor is a system designed to give you as a parent the means to monitor not only your baby’s bedroom but also their growth and progress. The Onni Twinkle is a unique full WiFi smart camera that connects directly to your smart phone or connected device, including PC’s and tablets, with this compatibility, using the Onni Smart Care app you can see your baby from anywhere in the world or at home at any time. Even when your router loses internet connectivity the monitor can still use the home router WiFi, which means that you can securely see your baby while in the home but no one outside of your WiFi signal can access your Onni Twinkle live stream.

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  • Use Twinkle safely through your smartphone, tablet or web browser whether at home, away or outside the country!
  • 720p (HD) video to see your baby in high definition
  • High-quality, built-in two-way audio to hear your baby and for your baby to hear you
  • Night vision IR for a clear view when the room is dark
  • Motion sensor to detect movement and send alert notifications when the baby is moving around, typically just before waking up
  • Easy plug and play set-up using the Onni Baby app – Log your baby’s feeding, sleeping and diaper changes to better understand patterns, be prepared to meet different needs and pinpoint changes
  • The Onni Baby app is available as a free download from AppStore and GooglePlay, and the web portal can be accessed through any browser
  • Onni Care’s unique multi-layered security makes theirs one of the most secure solutions available
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