Fresh Squeezed Pureé Pouch Dispenser



This unique device enables pureed food to be transferred into food pouches, which preserves and keeps food fresh for longer. This handy device is ideal for parents on the go as a spoon can be attached to the pouch or can be used at home as the pouches are great space savers in th fridge/freezer.


It’s quick to assemble and easy to use, making your little ones food prep a breeze! Simply pour your puréed food into the tubes and press down using the Extruder to fill the pouches. This is perfect for homemade baby food and smoothies as well as store-bought apple sauce, yogurt and purées and more!

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  • 3 food dispenser tubes to meet various demands in food preparation
  • Comes with x10 food pouches and 2 spoons
  • Pouches can be stored in the freezer
  • Easy to operate and clean – handwash only
  • Pouches hold up to 118ml of your homemade puree.
  • Height 22cm, Width 21cm, base 18cm


Additional pouches and spoons can be ordered.



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