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Unlike other locks, which get lost or left at home, SCOOT LOCK™goes everywhere the scooter goes once clamped to your scooter stem. It is easy to attach, simple to use, and has a combination lock, rather than a key to worry about. A long adjustable cable means the scooter can be attached to a railing, a post, a tree, other scooters – just about anything! SCOOT LOCK™ is the solution.

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A 90cm long spring-loaded toughened steel cable, coated with plastic, allows it to be locked to many items.



There’s no need to carry it and you can’t forget it. You clamp it to the scooter stem and there it stays.



The reflective front badge included with every purchase helps your child to be seen in the dark.



Can be moved to a bigger scooter as your child grows. Fits child, mini, micro, urban & adult scooters. Great for bikes & buggies too.



Choose from five bright colours to stand out in the scooter park.



Suitable for all Types of Scooters; Mini, Micro, Kickboard, Kickscooters, Urban, and Adult.
Great for Bikes & Buggies too!

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Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red

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