Silicone Building Blocks



These are no ordinary building blocks for it has many uses each side has something to offer!


It can be used to soothe sore gums due to their soft texture. It can be used during bath time as they float, make squeeky noises and squirts water! As your little ones grow older the blocks intellectually stimulates your little one; teaching them colours, animals, shapes, patterns, textures and simple mathematics (adding and subtracting).


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  • 12 colours with graphic touch
  • Squeaks when squeezed
  • Can be used in the bath as it floats and squirts water
  • As baby grows can be used to exercise logical thinking with simple addition and subtraction
  • 12 different animals, shapes, patterns and fruits on to learn
  • Each block interlocks with another corresponding block


  • Height 6.2cm, Width 5.2cm
  • Soft silicone, non toxic safe material. BPA free.
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