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This natural tooth gel by Sophie la Girafe is an innovative, safe and well-designed product for the primary teeth of toddlers. Its high quality gently cleans the teeth and maintains the moisture level of the oral cavity. Extremely gentle abrasives provide mild cleanliness for baby’s first teeth, while bio-active ingredients ensure that the oral mucous is optimally maintained. The taste is refined and extremely mild, so babies will not swallow the toothpaste. In addition, the mild taste has been deliberately chosen so as not to irritate the sensitive tastebuds of little ones in a phase when they’re getting to know new flavors and foods.

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  •  Free of fluorides.
  • Organic White tea has antioxidant effects, helps to neutralize acids and prevents tooth decay.
  • Organic Xylitol fights acid-forming bacteria, helps to strengthen the enamel and remineralizes and promotes saliva production.
  • Organic Raspberry & Cloudberry extract are rich in trace elements and vitamins that help to sooth the gums and provide them with moisture.
  • Organic lavender water is known as a calming agent – it helps to prevent irritation and inflammation of the gums.
  • Organic thyme extract has anti-inflammatory effects and also has anti-inflammatory properties.
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